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Splatoon 2's next global Splatfest asks knights or wizards?

Battle commences next week.

There's a new global Splatfest event coming to Splatoon 2 next week, and the critical question being asked this time around is: knights or wizards?

Should you happen to have strong feelings in either direction (I was originally going to say knights but, on deeper reflection, it's hard to say no to a pointy hat) Splatoon 2's latest global Splatfest will run for approximately 24 hours, starting on Saturday, 16th March, and ending on Sunday, 17th March.

Exact start times vary by territory, but full details await whenever you log into the game. I can tell you, however, that things kick off at 12 noon in the UK, and at 9pm PT.

For those players with the Enchanted gear set or Steel gear set in their wardrobe (unlocked using last year's Octoling Girl and Octoling Boy amiibo respectively), donning the headwear, shoes, and new Splatfest t-shirt will cause the tee to magically transform into the appropriate mid-section so that you can rock the full look during Splatfest - whether that be long, flowing robes or armoured to the nines. Something like this:

Nintendo has also confirmed that a new Splatoon 2 update will release this weekend, albeit one focussed on tweaks and balance changes. Perhaps not the most exciting of stuff, but the company did previously announce that, after 18 months of free post-launch support, it would be ceasing development of new content for Splatoon 2 as of last December.

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