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There's an easy way to transfer your settings from Xbox One to Xbox One X

Move on from your ex-Box.

Microsoft has shared details on how players can transfer their settings from the Xbox One to the Xbox One X.

During Microsoft's gamescom show, Xbox vice president, Mike Ybarra revealed three things Microsoft are doing to make the transition between consoles easier for players.

Firstly, Microsoft will offer a "very easy way" to transfer your settings from the Xbox One to the Xbox One X. Users will be able to copy their Xbox One settings onto an external storage device which, when plugged into the Xbox One X, will allow you to apply your previous settings to the Xbox One X.

Secondly, players will be able to download updates and 4k content, which is required for the new console, before the Xbox One X's launch in November. Users can install the content onto an external storage device and then plug the device into the Xbox One X or transfer the content onto the home network. This will mean users can play the Xbox One X enhanced games from the word go, without waiting on pesky updates.

Finally, Ybarra revealed users who add their Xbox One X to their home will be able to copy apps and games from their home network instead of manually moving them, a bit like the Apple Cloud. This means players can easily copy games from Xbox to Xbox.

Ybarra also confirmed those who have Xbox One games on an external hard drive will be able to play them on the Xbox One X, simply by plugging it into the console.

At the Microsoft Xbox briefing at Gamescom, Microsoft revealed more details on the Xbox One X including the Project Scorpio edition and games which will be enhanced for the new console.

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