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Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition comes in a cool original Xbox-style box

UPDATE: Microsoft makes it official.

UPDATE: Microsoft has officially announced the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition during its gamescom show.

The Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition, which costs £449, features a custom colour, vertical stand and Project Scorpio printed on both the console and the controller.

Cover image for YouTube videoIntroducing Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

ORIGINAL STORY: The Microsoft gamescom leaks keep on coming: this time it's the box for the already-leaked Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition.

Image credit This Gen Gaming.

It's noteworthy because it's inspired by the design of the original Xbox, with a big X on the front with an X in the middle.

The leak has been doing the rounds for a few hours now, with pictures sourced from This Gen Gaming.

This Project Scorpio Edition was leaked on Friday by German game retailers Saturn and MediaMarkt. While both listings were removed, we were able to see pictures of this limited edition Xbox One X bearing its original codename.

It includes a 1TB hard drive and features the name "Project Scorpio" on both the console and controller. The controller has all black buttons and the console has a slightly different woven texture than the vanilla Xbox One X.

Microsoft's gamescom briefing starts now. Watch along with us over at our Xbox One X live report.