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Xbox One X to launch with special day one “Project Scorpio” Edition - report

Microsoft partners with Doritios to make green Xbox-themed chips.

The Xbox One X's codename Project Scorpio has been made semi-official as Microsoft looks to be selling a unique day one edition of the console that retains its working title.

This Project Scorpio Edition was leaked by German game retailers Saturn and MediaMarkt (via Xbox Dynasty and The Verge). While both listings have been removed, we were able to see pictures of this limited edition Xbox One X bearing its original codename.

These Project Scorpio editions include a 1TB hard drive and feature the name "Project Scorpio" on both the console and controller. There's a few other minor cosmetic differences too, like the controller has all black buttons and the console has a slightly different woven texture than the vanilla Xbox One X.

In other Microsoft marketing news, MSPowerUser revealed some leaked pictures of Xbox branded Doritos. They're radioactive green and suggest an alternate universe in which the 90s never ended.

The Xbox One X is set to launch on 7th November and it will cost £449/€499/$499/CAD 599/AUS 649.

Your only chance to play it prior to release in the UK will be at EGX 2017, which takes place from 21-24th September.

Microsoft will host its Gamescom live show this Sunday at 8pm UK time. The Verge editor Tom Warren tweeted that pre-orders for the Xbox One X will go live shortly after this presentation ends.