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Nintendo reveals several Switch indie games and release dates

SteamWorld Dig 2! Kentucky Route Zero! Morphies Law!

Nintendo unveiled its "Nindies" (a terrible word that means independent games coming to Nintendo platforms) showcase in a livestream earlier today and the reveals came quick and fast.

Aside from the major announcements like Super Meat Boy Forever and No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again, there were loads of smaller titles that were given release dates or Switch reveals.

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There's SteamWorld Dig 2, which will launch exclusively on Switch on 21st September for £14.99. Developer Image & Form noted that the PS4 and Steam versions would arrive "a few days later."

Other exciting announcements include surreal episodic adventure Kentucky Route Zero, which will arrive on Switch in 2018. It will launch alongside the release of the fifth and final chapter and this Switch edition will include all the brief interlude chapters developer Cardboard Computer released.

Shovel Knight fans will be delighted to see that the next new campaign mode, King Knight, is slated for a Switch release next year.

Trine developer Frozenbyte revealed that its isometric beat-'em-up set in the Trine universe, Nine Parchments, is coming later this holiday season.

Console exclusive isometric adventure Yono, a game about a baby elephant, will launch 10th December.

Nintendo also teased a 4v4 multiplayer game called Morphies Law, a game in which players shoot each other to steal their body mass and grow bigger. Other titles coming include underwater shooter Earth Atlantis, low-poly 3D action action-adventure Malaka, 2D beat 'em-up Wulverblade, side-scrolling RPG Dragon: Marked For Death, and console-exclusive bridge-making game Polybridge.