Kentucky Route Zero

Nintendo reveals several Switch indie games and release dates

Nintendo reveals several Switch indie games and release dates

SteamWorld Dig 2! Kentucky Route Zero! Morphies Law!

Nintendo unveiled its "Nindies" (a terrible word that means independent games coming to Nintendo platforms) showcase in a livestream earlier today and the reveals came quick and fast.

Aside from the major announcements like Super Meat Boy Forever and No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again, there were loads of smaller titles that were given release dates or Switch reveals.

There's SteamWorld Dig 2, which will launch exclusively on Switch on 21st September for 14.99. Developer Image & Form noted that the PS4 and Steam versions would arrive "a few days later."

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Cara Ellison on: The Poetics of Space

"Well, maybe you need to learn..."

Each Saturday, one of our four regular columnists will be taking turns to fill the weekend opinion slot here on Eurogamer. Today it's Cara Ellison. You can find out more about the columnists in this editor's blog.

Cart Life, a greyscale indie game about juggling a street vending business with personal commitments, and FTL: Faster Than Light, an action strategy game about keeping your spaceship alive while exploring the galaxy, have won big at this year's indie Oscars, the 15th annual Independent Games Festival.

Where the road takes you: investigating Kentucky Route Zero

Jake Elliott of Cardboard Computer opens up about his surreal indie adventure.

Kentucky Route Zero is a fascinating game. The IGF-nominated adventure is so fascinating, in fact, that we've taken the unusual decision not to review it, despite the first of five episodes being available to download right now.

Haunting bluegrass adventure Kentucky Route Zero gets a new trailer

Chicago-based indie developer Cardboard Computer has released a new trailer for its stylish, surreal bluegrass adventure Kentucky Route Zero.

The game is described by its developer as "a magical realist adventure game about a secret highway in the caves beneath Kentucky and the mysterious folks who travel it." It will be released in five acts, with the first act due in December on PC and Mac.

Kentucky Route Zero has been in development for a couple of years with a successful Kickstarter dating back to February, 2011 (before it was cool), but this latest trailer is the first time we've seen its aesthetic re-haul by artist Tamas Kemenczy. Prior to that, it looked like the trailer below, which while outdated, gives a clear impression at the sort of tone Cardboard Computer is after with this.

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