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April 2008 Archive

    1. Etrian Odyssey confirmed for June
    2. SE Lost Planet gets release date
    3. Okami Wii gets Euro date
    4. New Prince of Persia previewed
    5. Prototype to get co-op in the future?
    6. Prototype
    7. MS, Yahoo rejected Steam, says Valve
    8. TrackMania Nations Forever
    9. EA-Land to be shut down
    10. Bay calls Boll "a f***ing idiot"
    11. Crytek drops PC exclusives
    12. Aerosmith exclusive to Guitar Hero
    13. EA announces BattleForge
    14. New TF2 map and mode launch for PC
    15. Take-Two says GTA estimates too low
    16. UK Gov should celebrate GTA - Kingsley
    17. Paddy Power taking bets on GTA success
    18. Hirai and Reeves at PlayStation Day
    19. Story-driven Unreal will return - Rein
    20. Unreal Tournament 3
    1. Fatal Inertia coming to PSN
    2. Fatal Inertia EX
    3. Fatal Inertia team "regrets" 360 demo
    4. Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar
    5. Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar
    6. Make your own City of Heroes content
    7. Rockstar gives GTA PS3 advice
    8. GTA IV Social Club launches
    9. GTA IV smashes records at
    10. Pete Hines on Fallout 3
    11. Eight Days in full production
    12. PlayStation 3: Are we there yet?
    13. Brighton goes bonkers for GTA IV
    14. PS3 GTA IV almost certainly 630p
    15. Duke Nukem Forever still coming
    16. Wii Fit exercises chart dominance
    17. KOEI dates PC fighting duo
    18. New mode and map for Metal Gear Online
    19. GTA helped industry stand up for itself
    20. Ghostbusters could come to PSP
    21. GTA IV cheat codes in the wild
    22. No new XBLA game due to GTA IV
    1. Premium DLC and Demo Roundup
    2. Conquest Mode for Bad Company
    3. Arcade Perfect
    4. Bourne demo dates altered
    5. Crash Bandicoot to return
    6. Miyamoto talks Wii Fit
    7. Hamill, Ricci to star in Spyro game
    8. 50 Cent 2 not set in Middle East
    9. Ghostbusters
    10. No theme tune remix for Ghostbusters
    11. Ghostbusters same on PS3 and 360
    12. New WIC will appeal to FPS fans
    13. Why no Damon in Bourne game?
    14. Assault Heroes 2 in May
    15. Bioware wants to innovate in MMOs
    16. Sony tots up SingStar sales
    17. First Gothic 4 details pop up
    18. Next EVE expansion detailed
    19. Bungie excited about Jackson project
    20. Boll challenges Bay to boxing match
    21. Lost Odyssey content on Live
    22. Spore demo coming in June
    23. Army of Two DLC on Xbox Live
    24. Virtual Console Roundup
    25. Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli
    26. GTA IV review on Sunday
    1. Battlefield Heroes beta in May
    2. Valve: No new Portal this year
    3. Nintendo not cutting hardware prices
    4. Metal Gear Online beta is live
    5. Analysts: PS3 will win GTA battle
    6. PS2 Roundup
    7. Fallout 3
    8. LEGO Batman
    9. Bionic Commando multiplayer detailed
    10. Codemasters grabs SEGA Racing Studio
    11. MGO beta client updated
    12. More Assassin's Creed coming
    13. Games "miles away from mass market"
    14. VC: Double Dragon and two C64 games
    15. Free add-on for Two Worlds
    16. US/Euro Wii Fit will weigh your pet
    17. Xbox 360 passes 19 million mark
    18. PSN: Bishi Bashi, C&C, flOw, COD4 pack
    1. Ubisoft fixing Assassin's Creed on PC
    2. Dragon Quest Swords for Wii dated
    3. Final Fantasy IV for DS this summer
    4. PSP video downloads this summer
    5. No PAL echochrome demo today
    6. Pokémon Explorers dated
    7. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
    8. New Def Leppard single on Xbox Live
    9. Smash Bros. Brawl Euro date
    10. WiiWare gets Europe date, pricing
    11. Wii storms closer to 25 million mark
    12. New PAL Releases Roundup
    13. Prince of Persia Prodigy rumoured
    14. MS hiring for Jackson Halo project
    15. The World Ends With You
    16. Sam & Max Season 2
    17. EA reinvents Monopoly
    18. Devil May Cry 4 PC details, demo pledge
    19. EA and Hasbro get it on
    1. Ubisoft looking into Vegas 2 PC error
    2. Bikes and planes for Burnout Paradise
    3. Burnout Paradise Bogart patch recalled
    4. Name the sequel to F.E.A.R.
    5. F.E.A.R. sequel named
    6. Soulcalibur IV stimulated by competition
    7. Alone in the Dark gets flashy edition
    8. QuakeCon 2008 registration soon
    9. Atari picks up Smash Court Tennis 3
    10. Sony unveils GTA IV PS3 bundle
    11. Lost Cities
    12. Original Xbox Live show after actors
    13. End of road for Interplay?
    14. Interplay sinks to new low
    15. Californian authorities shut Interplay offices
    16. Interplay readying fresh website
    17. Titus take over at Interplay
    18. Fargo quits Interplay
    19. Interplay announces Kingpin, Fallout, Airborne and Exalted sequels
    20. Interplay up for sale?
    21. Interplay re-opens dev studio
    22. BioWare ditches Interplay
    23. VU Games and Interplay resolve dispute
    24. Interplay shatters Trek license
    25. Interplay plans Fallout MMO
    26. Shake-up at Interplay
    27. Vivendi dumped by Interplay
    28. Interplay taps into the Matrix
    29. Interplay position unclear as Titus declared bankrupt
    30. Interplay Strikes Back
    31. Interplay buys rights to Exalted
    32. Interplay Financial Report
    33. Interplay plans Fallout MMORPG amongst others
    34. Vivendi to distribute Interplay titles
    35. Interplay posts profit [sic]
    36. Black Isle / Interplay Licenses LithTech!
    37. Titus into receivership, Interplay back to work
    38. Earthworm Jim wriggles back to life
    39. Eidos explains accessing Conan early
    40. MGS 4 features "implied child rape"
    41. Harry Potter back again in late 2008
    1. New Silent Hill this September
    2. Get a Mythos closed-beta key
    3. Activision rubbishes COD negotation talk
    4. Lost Cities for Live Arcade tomorrow
    5. GTA development very organic, says dev
    6. Grand Theft Auto IV's Aaron Garbut: Part 2
    7. Harker put on indefinite hold
    8. Xbox Live DLC Roundup
    9. Konami extending MGO beta
    10. This is Vegas
    11. PS3 film service to launch this summer?
    12. PlayStation Home pushed back again
    13. COD4 PS3 Variety maps this Thursday
    14. Charts: Mario Kart still leading pack
    15. We Love Golf
    16. Camelot could return to Golden Sun
    1. Realtime Worlds goes it alone with APB
    2. No micro-transactions for Guild Wars
    3. Fallout 3 demo not possible
    4. Tabula Rasa
    5. New Midnight Club for September
    6. Grand Theft Auto IV's Aaron Garbut: Part 1
    7. Sony coy on PlayTV date, price
    8. Why Rockstar chooses fun over realism
    9. Euro PSP gets firmware update
    10. GC: PlayTV unveiled for PS3
    11. Sony dismisses PlayTV price/date report
    12. Do anything with PlayTV recordings
    13. PlayTV
    14. No demo for Gears of War 2
    15. Lumines added to Steam
    16. Dates announced for SOE Fan Faire
    17. Top Cow spills on Darkness sequel
    18. Mad convict files suit against Rockstar
    19. Age of Conan open beta gets date
    20. Gears of War comic in October
    21. Quake Wars PS3 studio to close
    22. Fallout 3 Collector's Edition unveiled
    23. Gears 2 teaser on UT 360 disc?
    24. Warhawk Operation: Broken Mirror
    1. Browser RPG Roundup
    1. Mass Effect DLC free on PC at launch
    2. Army of Two DLC coming next week
    3. UEFA Euro 2008
    4. Time Crisis 4
    5. First Rock Band album this month
    6. World of Warcraft: Questing Self-Help
    7. Premium DLC and Demo Roundup
    8. Power to the People
    9. Most Wii games "look like crap"
    10. Race Driver: GRID
    11. COD4 maps break Xbox Live record
    12. SPOGS Racers for WiiWare
    13. GTA IV being shipped out now
    14. Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
    15. PSP still on top in Japan
    16. Phantasy Star III on Virtual Console
    17. Soulcalibur IV for Europe in July
    18. Sony, MS react positively to NPD data
    19. Midway to unveil Mortal Kombat tonight
    20. XNA boss defends Xbox Live Arcade
    21. Rockstar Social Club sign-ups live
    22. Xbox Live downtime on Monday
    23. UT3 on 360 to get fresh content
    24. Atari reiterates AITD demo plans
    25. Alone in the Dark PS3 due in autumn
    26. March Wii sales top 720,000 in US
    27. Belloq from Indiana Jones
    1. Grand Theft Auto IV
    2. New Spider-Man game for autumn
    3. BIA: Hell's Highway in August
    4. BAFTA game awards pushed to 2009
    5. New GTA IV telly ad now showing
    6. Gervais to make jokes in GTA IV
    7. Play Age of Conan three days early
    8. Sony back in PSN Thursday routine
    9. Wii Roundup
    10. New PAL Releases Roundup
    11. Mercs 2 dev admits "huge debt" to GTA
    12. Mercs 2 PS2 is "true sequel to Mercs 1"
    13. Mercenaries 2 demo, DLC planned
    14. COD4 PS3 maps coming on May Day
    15. Free TrackMania game released
    16. More SingStar PS3 songs tomorrow
    17. Xbox 360 sales double in Europe
    18. Test Drive DLC bundled together for PC
    19. Opoona coming to Europe in July
    20. Battlefield: Bad Company gets Euro date
    21. Don King Presents: Prizefighter
    1. Paradox doing Black Plague expansion
    2. Wii Fit
    3. XBLA: Battlezone and Rocky & Bullwinkle
    4. More Wii Fits coming, says Nintendo
    5. APB coming to PS3 too?
    6. Three new Burnout modes unveiled
    7. Prototype comic book coming
    8. Petroglyph reveals "global" online project
    9. DualShock 3 gets Oz release date
    10. Battlefield Bad Company gets date
    11. Rockstar Social Club registration update
    12. Fans rally to save Disney MMO
    13. No head-tracking in Boom Blox
    14. More Xbox Originals soon on Live
    15. Soul Calibur IV gets US release date
    16. Sony explains PSN Store niggles
    17. GTA IV to sell 6 million copies
    18. The Sims hits 100 million
    19. PS3 iPlayer already on BBC's roadmap
    20. Samuel Jackson in Afro Samurai game
    21. Halo 3 Legendary maps arrive
    22. Haze demo for PSN in early May
    1. Still no release date for Sadness
    2. Retailers talk Quake Wars console date
    3. RedLynx Trials 2 gets update
    4. Nintendo WiiWare Roundup
    5. Vogster unveils CrimeCraft MMO
    6. CCP plays down EVE leak
    7. One Life Left on air tonight
    8. Redesigned PSN Store now open
    9. Star Vault unveils ambitious MMO
    10. LittleBigPlanet will be moderated
    11. Pipe Mania revamped for summer
    12. Meet Page 3 girls at Victoria station
    13. Gran Turismo could come to PC
    14. "Leaked" GTA IV intro movie is fake
    15. Motley Crue doing Rock Band single
    16. New MGS4 headset revealed
    17. Rune Factory DS heading to Europe
    18. UK charts: Mario Kart in pole position
    19. UK charts: Gran Turismo still in lead
    20. The Witcher editor, add-on and patch
    21. More Metal Gear Online beta details
    22. Konami details MGO Euro beta
    23. Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword
    1. Two for Live Arcade this Wednesday
    2. Just the one DLC pack for Lair
    3. Gothic 3 gets Forsaken Gods expansion
    4. Eurogamer in blog format launches!
    5. Welcome!
    6. Premium Content and Demo Roundup
    7. Gran Turismo's Kazunori Yamauchi
    8. Ikaruga
    9. City of Dress-Up
    10. Def Leppard single to debut in GH3
    11. XNA boss talks up Zune game concepts
    12. Universe at War demo on Live
    13. Monster Lab
    14. WOW Arena Tournament sign-ups begin
    15. Fan makes BBC iPlayer work on PS3
    16. Harrison proud of Alone in the Dark
    17. GTA IV Team and Race MP modes detailed
    18. WipEout HD here next month?
    19. Baroque coming to Europe in June
    20. Games are catching up, says EA boss
    21. Nintendo unaware of Mario Kart problems
    22. Nintendo rubbishes new DS claims
    23. Mafia II formats set in stone
    24. MapleStory
    25. Super Swing Golf gets Euro date
    26. Hitman creators set up new studio
    27. PSP Roundup
    1. Mario Kart Wii
    2. Revolving Doors
    1. Resi 5 boss explains African setting
    2. Square Enix announces Wii RPG
    3. Pirates of the Burning Sea
    4. Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
    5. Miyamoto appears in Time's top 100
    6. Virtual Console Roundup
    7. Off Road Wii gets release date
    8. PSP thumps competition in Japan
    9. US getting gunmetal grey PS3
    10. PS3 is "inviting trouble" with mod support - Microsoft XNA boss
    11. Microsoft's Chris Satchell
    12. LEGO Indiana Jones here in June
    13. Okami
    14. GDC: XNA Trials Roundup
    15. Spielberg revealed as Crysis fan
    16. Rock Band "won't magically get cheaper because you wish it so"
    17. Sony unveils fresh Lair DLC
    18. Street Fighter film blog resurrected
    19. Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut Edition
    20. More Resident Evil 5 racism claims
    21. PS Store re-launches here next week
    22. Harmonix's Rob Kay
    23. EA bundles five SimCity games together
    24. Chronicles of Spellborn delayed
    25. Four fresh titles for Virtual Console
    26. Mario Super Sluggers heading West
    27. WiiWare version of Toki Tori coming
    28. More Pokémon Mystery Dungeon for DS
    29. Alone in the Dark to sell 2-3m units
    1. Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles
    2. New video demos changes to PS Store
    3. Telltale doing Wii Software game
    4. Rockstar wants 18 rating in Australia
    5. RedLynx Trials 2: Second Edition
    6. Europe will get Metal Gear Online beta
    7. Gears criticised for stereotyping
    8. Sony unaware of alleged PS3 error
    9. GTA IV PS3 bundle is coming
    10. Stargate Worlds details emerge
    11. Sony quiet on Euro PS Store relaunch
    12. Baja
    13. Metal Gear Online beta for Japan only?
    14. iPlayer could come to PS3 too
    15. Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball delayed
    16. EVE elections: candidates announced
    17. EVE Online embraces democracy
    18. EA scraps Bad Company weapon fee
    19. Boom Blox gets firm release date
    20. Unleashed will go back to Sonic's roots
    21. Play as a zombie in new PC shooter
    22. iPhone and iPod to work with PS3
    23. Next Burnout download dated
    24. New PAL Releases Roundup
    1. Nintendo quiet on Euro Cube controller
    2. Kane & Lynch ads banned in the UK
    3. Street Fighter film pics break site
    4. Wii to get BBC iPlayer
    5. Haze finally gets firm May date, again
    6. Mattel launches Facebook Scrabble game
    7. Dofus
    8. Earthworm Jim, MDK and co. to return
    9. New Phoenix Wright spin-off on the way?
    10. DS Roundup
    11. reduces cost of Rock Band
    12. Xbox 360 HD-DVD player gets patch
    13. Unreal Engine 4 "years away", says Rein
    14. Play as Vader in Force Unleashed
    15. Karl Lagerfeld to play DJ in GTA IV
    16. SEGA Racing Studio shuts down
    17. First Warhammer 40K MMO details
    18. Euro Rock Band songs to be like DLC
    19. Mass Effect PC delayed a little
    1. Rock Band man defends Euro price
    2. EA extends Unreal Engine partnership
    3. Retail to struggle with GTA IV demand
    4. Listen to One Life Left tonight
    5. Haze
    6. Red Faction: Guerrilla
    7. THQ: "Warcraft has peaked"
    8. Rockstar details GTA IV multiplayer
    9. GTA IV console bundle coming?
    10. Demigod pushed back to 2009
    11. Darksiders: Wrath of War
    12. Gamer takes gold farmers to court
    13. Everybody's Golf: World Tour
    14. Wii Fit already selling out in the UK
    15. BioShock 2 to grace the PS3?
    16. EA clarifies Rock Band pricing
    17. Rock Band gets official Euro date
    18. Fresh Kane & Lynch maps dated
    19. New PSP firmware out now
    20. Microsoft creating its own Wiimote?
    21. Warhammer 40K MMO years away
    22. GT5 Prologue still ahead in Euro charts
    23. Guitar Hero III "perverts" song, says musician
    24. Masses of Gears of War 2 details
    25. Ikaruga on Live Arcade tomorrow
    26. UEFA Euro 2008
    1. MMO patch news roundup
    2. Dawn of War II not at THQ event
    3. Levine picks his top five games
    4. Artoon making rhythm-based Wii title
    5. Chaos Theory: The top five crowd-control combat games
    6. Alan Wake info promises rubbished
    7. EVE Online
    8. THQ Wii Showcase
    9. GameCity to return at Halloween
    10. Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
    11. New Burnout Paradise DLC videos
    12. Who cares about the console war - THQ
    13. Eidos quiet on talk of Thief 4
    14. Fresh Lost Odyssey content in April
    15. COD4 map pack problems fixed
    16. Eidos remaking Gauntlet for DS
    17. New TrackMania game to be free
    18. Sony US to shut down some servers
    19. Rein offers update on UT3 360
    20. Stephen King defends games
    21. Full Auto developer shuts down
    22. Rockstar buys Mad Doc Software
    23. The Final Word
    24. PC Roundup
    1. Shots and videos from THQ Gamers Day
    1. Premium DLC and Demo Roundup
    1. Saints Row 2 gets release date
    2. New Sunshine Beachvolleyball pics
    3. Empire of Sports
    4. Dark Sector
    5. Dyack hits out at so-called trilogies
    6. Criterion to "transform" Paradise
    7. Puzzle Quest add-on gets title
    8. In-game ads coming to City of Heroes
    9. Activision coy on Geometry Wars sequel
    10. PS Store will still be region-free
    11. Two Worlds gets second batch of DLC
    12. GTA IV gets cut for Australia
    13. Yamauchi: GT PSP unlikely this year
    14. Ninja Gaiden DS here in June
    15. Star Wars: Force Unleashed dated
    16. Mercenaries 2 gets fresh date
    17. Just one for Virtual Console this week
    18. Sam & Max confirmed for Wii
    19. Condemned 2: Bloodshot
    1. Saints Row team not fazed by GTA IV
    2. Saints Row 2
    3. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Soulstorm
    4. Mr Driller Online
    5. Quake 2
    6. Sensible Soccer 2006
    7. Pro Evolution Soccer 6
    8. Burnout Paradise
    9. Virtual Console Roundup
    10. SEGA Mega Drive Collection
    11. Another World: 15th Anniversary Edition
    12. Obscure II
    13. Transformers: The Game
    14. The Orange Box
    15. Team Fortress 2
    16. Portal
    17. Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War
    18. Impossible Mission
    19. Rock Band
    20. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
    21. Kane & Lynch: Dead Men
    22. Sensible World Of Soccer
    23. Tempest
    24. New PAL Releases Roundup
    25. Devil May Cry 4
    26. Turok
    27. Conflict: Denied Ops
    28. Army of Two
    29. The Spiderwick Chronicles
    30. SEGA Superstars Tennis
    31. Universe at War: Earth Assault
    32. Sonic Unleashed confirmed
    33. Microsoft denies backing wrong horse
    34. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
    35. Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath
    36. Lineage II collector's edition coming
    37. Epic rewarding UT3 mod makers
    38. City of Heroes weekend draws crowds
    39. Kojima talks about the future of MGS
    40. Viking: Battle For Asgard
    41. Mad people forge actual WOW Epics
    42. WAR beta to hit a million sign-ups
    43. Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters
    44. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
    45. Metroid Prime
    46. Nintendo dominated Japan in 2007
    47. Sega Sports Day, with Barry Wannaker and Banal Handsome
    48. Space Giraffe
    49. Killer 7
    50. Dawn of War sequel officially announced
    51. Moore on lack of EA Sports PC titles
    52. The House of the Dead 2&3 Return
    53. Land of the Dead
    54. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
    55. Rein unsure of Gears 2 Comic Con reveal
    56. Alone in the Dark pushed back to June
    57. Pandemic doing Batman game?
    58. 72 per cent of Americans play games
    59. COD 4 maps definitely this week
    60. Penny Arcade Greenhouse goes beta
    61. Liking games is like having Aspergers
    62. Sins of a Solar Empire to get add-on
    63. Classic NES Series: Zelda II - The Adventure of Link
    64. Commodore 64 Direct-To-TV
    65. Forza Motorsport
    66. Mashed: Fully Loaded
    67. Mashed
    68. Gradius V
    69. Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
    70. Classic NES Series: Castlevania
    71. Tom Clancy plane game gets name
    72. Classic NES Series: Dr. Mario
    73. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
    1. "It was a mistake," says BBFC
    2. BBFC removes GTA IV info from site
    3. Naughty stuff in GTA IV detailed
    4. The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar
    5. Sony coy on Euro DualShock 3
    6. Second Warhawk expansion dated
    7. Games a "colossal waste of time"
    8. Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut Edition
    9. Ninja Gaiden 2 gets Euro date
    10. Bourne Conspiracy in late June
    11. Japan likes Monster Hunter 2G a lot
    12. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3
    13. Wii Software DLC system explained
    14. Watch WiiWare titles in action
    15. WiiWare gets Japanese launch date
    16. WiiWare launches in Japan
    17. Football Manager 2008
    18. Ubisoft adds portfolio to Steam
    19. Gears of War 2 at Comic Con this month
    20. Neverwinter Nights AOL studio closes
    21. Rainbow Studios vets create new firm
    22. WOW won't make you violent, says study
    1. PS3 sales topping Xbox 360 in UK
    2. Eurogamer t-shirts now on sale
    3. Guess the plot for Banjo-Kazooie 3
    4. One Life Left on air tonight
    5. Mortal Kombat: Blood and Money
    6. Celebrate the olden days of videogames
    7. PC market dying is a "crazy idea"
    8. New Age of Conan PVP modes revealed
    9. Byron defends adult gamers' rights
    10. SouthPeak Roundup
    11. COD4 Map Pack still "early April"
    12. Realtime Worlds gets USD 50 million
    13. Burnout Paradise PS3 to get new patch
    14. Chocobo's Dungeon gets US release date
    15. Sony offers SOCOM PS3 details
    16. Vegas 2 chalks up 2 million sales
    17. New Trauma Center coming to DS
    18. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue top of grid
    19. Xbox Live DLC Roundup