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Who cares about the console war - THQ

Exec reckons it's "totally irrelevant".

Jack Sorenson, head of worldwide studios at THQ, has said he reckons the hardware battle between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo is "irrelevant".

Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz, Sorenson said there's "too much of an emphasis on the sports aspect of who's winning and losing".

"I think [the console war] is totally irrelevant. Even in the history of the business, other than something like the Dreamcast, you can do decent business on lots of platforms," he continued.

"So the issue is not who wins, it's can an independent publisher do a good business on that platform. We're thinking everything from high-end MMO all the way to cell phones."

Just look at THQ's success with the Game Boy Advance, Sorenson said. "There's a ubiquity of gaming out there, and the platform is really just a medium. If that makes sense [we'll publish on] PlayStation 2 next year for something, PS2 two years from now.

"We certainly probably carried on longer on the GBA than most and had a very nice business out there because there're 80, 90 million GBAs out there - maybe a bunch left in closets and drawers, but there's still enough audience to buy them. All these platforms kinda win."

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