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PS3 iPlayer already on BBC's roadmap

Doing it properly in "due course".

The BBC has revealed it's already been investigating how to get the iPlayer to work on PS3, promising that something official will be available in "due course".

That's according to technology boss Anthony Rose, writing after a clever person made the iPlayer work on the console as a demonstration of how easy it would be to do.

"As you know, our aim is to make BBC iPlayer available on a broad range of devices. We'd love to be on every popular device tomorrow, including the PS3, and it was on our roadmap," wrote Rose on his blog.

"So, while I'm impressed that someone has done this, this doesn't mean that it's the best possible iPlayer proposition for that console.

"We're investigating the optimal video profile and browser proposition to enable us to officially make iPlayer available on PS3 in due course."

The reason for the delay is simply a shortage of man power, claimed Rose, although he mused that the person responsible for the iPlayer PS3 demonstration would be welcome to apply for a job.

Last week the BBC revealed that its telly catch-up iPlayer service would be available on Wii, with an early version already available to download for a small fee.