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Mario Super Sluggers heading West

Baseball: cricket with hotdogs.

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Nintendo of America has revealed that Mario Super Sluggers is on its way to the West.

That means the US for the moment, according to Carrie Dunaway, who replaced George Harrison as executive vice president for Nintendo US recently.

There's no Western date, but the game is due out in Japan this June. Sluggers apparently expands on the baseball game in Wii Sports; you pull back your arm and then throw your Wiimote at the screen to pitch the ball, twisting on the way to add some crafty spin.

Shaking the Wiimote apparently has your fielders run to the ball and throw it back, and obviously simulating swinging the bat sends the stitched sphere into the sky.

Some of the players have special moves, too. Mario can set the ball on fire that, in turn, sets the batter on fire. You can order your fielders to hit the dirt when running by mashing the A button as well.

Nintendo of Europe has been contacted for comment.

Remember: Mario Kart Wii is out today.

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