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Konami extending MGO beta

"Extraordinary" traffic causing problems

Konami plans to extend the Metal Gear Online beta test because "extraordinary" levels of traffic have prevented it from working so far.

It was due to go live yesterday, but will now aim to launch this weekend or at the beginning of next week. As a result, the beta will end a week later on 11th May.

Konami and Solid Snake are very sorry for being rubbish and thank you for your patience.

You can pop over to the official Konami ID site to sign-up, and download the Metal Gear Online client from the PlayStation Store now.

Metal Gear Online is a multiplayer spin-off to the famous series that will launch alongside Metal Gear Solid 4 on 12th June.

Pop over to our first impressions of Metal Gear Online for an idea of what to expect.

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Metal Gear Online


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