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Off Road Wii gets release date

Drive a big Ford like Mum.

Empire has told Eurogamer that Off Road will be making its appearance on the Wii in July.

The Ford-licensed racer has been out on PC, PS2 and PSP since mid-March, and lets you finally get behind the wheel of a Land Rover and tackle those rocky school-runs.

Those after the Wii version can take a peek at the first snaps of it in the gallery. There will be a bit of motion-sensing waggling to steer your way around.

You can even ride in the Range Rover Sport Supercharged and the Defender 90 Station Wagon.

These beasts can be put to the test on 24 tracks in either desert, ice, or water conditions. There is on-the-fly vehicle repair in case you drive over a badger, and lots of race modes to keep you occupied.

Sounds like one you cannot a Ford to miss. Whoops! Please Ford give us.