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Alan Wake info promises rubbished

"Don't read into comments too much."

Moderators on the official Alan Wake forums have clarified that they have no idea when the media "blackout" on the title will end.

So much for the initial promise the blackout "won't continue for too much longer", which sent the Internet bananas earlier.

Now forum boss "ADM" has stated, "Just an announcement to everyone that this is not news and we don't know when the media blackout is to end.

"Please continue to be patient and when we do know something we will post it up... Don't read into comments too much."

Apparently even when Remedy is ready to speak the information will be sparse, in a bid to keep the suspense around the game.

"One thing I do know, is that Remedy does not wish to spoil the experience for players by revealing too much before its release," said moderator "Morry". "Due to the nature of the game, building up suspense is a key part, so there are plenty of reasons to leave parts of the game hidden until we can get our hands on it."

Alan Wake is a psychological thriller based around a novelist being tormented by a sleepless world of nightmares, and has been hidden from public view since its unveiling at E3 2005.

Microsoft had previously talked about it as a 2008 title, although Microsoft Game Studios boss Shane Kim was recently reluctant to confirm it will be out this year. It will be "very different" and "very ambitious", though, according to Kim.

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