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Devil May Cry 4 PC details, demo pledge

Dante ever get tired?

Capcom plans to release Devil May Cry 4 on PC this summer and has added some extra bits and pieces to make the wait worthwhile.

What's more, a demo version will be released before that, and will include a benchmark mode for testing PC performance and waving it in the face of poor people.

The new bits in the full version are a Turbo mode to make everything go at "insane" speeds, and a Legedary Dark Knight mode to cram more enemies on to your screen at once.

The PC version will also have higher resolutions to pick from, plus more graphical slider options to tinker with as you go. Both DirectX 10 and DirectX 9 are supported and cut-scenes will run at 120 frames per second rather than 30, apparently. Er.

Anyway, we liked Devil May Cry 4 when it came out on PS3 and 360 in February. It was better than previous instalments, albeit not really the giant next generation smash in the chops we'd been expecting.

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