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DMC series has shipped 10 million

Dante do well?

Capcom has announced that the Devil May Cry series has shipped 10 million units worldwide since the release of the first game for PlayStation 2 in 2001.

A little under a year ago, the company released a list of platinum-selling games, and all four DMC games featured in the top 30, with series sales amounting to around 9.5 million according to the separate top-series list.

At the time, we were told that the first DMC sold 2.16 million, DMC2 did 1.7 million, DMC3 followed up with 1.3m and DMC4 took it to the bridge with 2.3 million. However, this week's announcement claims DMC4 sales of 2.2 million. Could be a shipped/sold disparity.

Obviously that doesn't quite amount to 10 million regardless, so it's worth nothing that the series listing last year claimed "10 titles". We're slightly confused as well, but Capcom does point out that the game is "the frontrunner of Capcom's 'Single Contents Multiple Usage' strategy", which is based on exploiting IP potential across books, comics, mobile phones and merchandise as well.

Whatever the accounting though, we can say that Dante and Trish have done the business, although Street Fighter II on the SNES is by far Capcom's biggest-selling game of all time with over 6.3 million units sold.

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