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PC demo for Devil May Cry 4 up

Going to "blow you away", says Capcom.

Capcom has popped out a PC demo for Devil May Cry 4. The game's release lags behind the console versions, but also features a number of improvements that Capcom hopes will stop you moaning.

The demo lets you jump straight into a boss battle or trundle through one of the levels for a good 10 minutes. The Capcom US blog, which has the link to the file, says it will "blow you away" and admits running it at a solid 60 frames-per-second even on a mediocre PC.

You lot with rocket-powered rigs can take it up to as much as 120 frames a second in the full version, apparently, which is four-times more than the console offerings ever reached.

The demo also has a Benchmark mode to test your PC performance, as well as a Turbo mode to up the speed and a Dark Knight mode to cram more enemies on screen.

Devil May Cry 4 is due out "this summer" on PC, and that is all Capcom wanted to tell us.

The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions came out back in February and were good but not perhaps the face-puncher of a "next-gen" title most had expected.

Pop over to our Devil May Cry 4 review to find out why; it was worth reviewing for the cries of frustration from Kristan alone.

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Devil May Cry 4

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