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DMC4 ten quid cheaper on Xbox 360

We're always saving you money.

Those of you who own both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 might want to take note that Devil May Cry 4 is ten quid cheaper on the latter than it is on the former. Bargain!

The latest game in Capcom's 3D super amazing fighting series is due out on 8th February on both formats, and the publisher has been keen to point out that performance across both systems is virtually identical.

When we inquired about the price difference, Capcom said that it was down to retailers to set them and that this sometimes happens. Not that that's saved it from the pitchfork-wielding Internet so far.

Certainly if you search around online for recent big names - like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - it's possible to find similar discrepancies, although it's relatively unusual to see in games as-yet unreleased.

DMC4 puts players into the skin-tight leather and motorbike of Nero, a new character, who is similar to Dante in enough ways that it won't piss you all off. Dante also makes an appearance.

It's all a bit Metal Gear Solid 2, except you probably won't end up fighting the Freemasons on the Statue of Liberty's face of whatever all that was about when things come to a close.

So, good news if you fancy saving a few quid and have a 360, but bad news if you only have a PS3. On the plus side, PS3 owners, between this and Burnout Paradise it looks like developers are finally getting it together.

Look out for our review of the game in the near future.

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Devil May Cry 4

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