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Mercenaries 2 gets fresh date

Muscle for hire this September.

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Pandemic has said that Mercenaries 2 will be released here on 5th September.

The developer confirmed the date to GameSpot after revealing a trailer specifying the US launch as 31st August.

Mercenaries 2 will be available on PC, PS3, PS2 and Xbox 360, and lets you run around Venezuela as a gun for hire, blowing things up and getting tattoos and smoking and swearing.

The game had previously been expected as early as February this year, but was held back by EA so it could add extra polish, and get it sitting comfortably with the new publisher mantra of quality, not quantity.

Kristan says the best bit about Mercenaries is going into each mission with endless possibilities. He remembers the first game's options of using a helicopter to fly you in, or going in by foot with bazooka in tow. That open-ended approach made it stand out, he reckons. "Plus you could pretty much blow the snot out of everything."

Good job the sequel will be doing much the same but bigger and better on the fresh hardware, then.

Pop over to our Mercenaries 2 gamepage to to find out more, or over to the official website for that trailer.

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