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Mercenaries 2 demos this week

PS3 on Thurs, 360 any day now.

EA has said there will Xbox 360 and PS3 demos for Mercenaries 2 arriving any day now.

The sampler was due to appear on Live Marketplace last Friday, but, for one reason or another, still hasn't made its way onto the service. We suppose that means the demo could go live at any moment, which is quite exciting. Sort of. But not really.

The rather more predictable PS3 version, on the other hand, is expected in the weekly PlayStation Store update this Thursday.

Mercenaries 2 is already out on both formats, of course, but had a rather rocky time in Kristan's critical hands. He thought the openworld action game was dated and unremarkable, and stamped it with an off-putting 5/10 - certainly one to try before you buy.

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