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Saints Row team not fazed by GTA IV

Eurogamer not able to spell.

Saints Row 2 producer Greg Donovan reckons that his game will be competitive with Grand Theft Auto IV.

"Frankly we wouldn't be releasing this year if we didn't think we could be competitive," he said during a preview event for Saints Row 2, which Eurogamer attended.

"I think co-op is a huge distinguishing factor. Unless they're really holding something - I don't think they are - I think that's a big plus for us."

Saints Row 2 - another openworld game ala GTA - also lets you customise things like cars and what you wear to help build up respect, which in turn unlocks new missions.

It takes place around a decade after the first game and sees you going back to the same, now-bigger and much-changed, city for revenge.

You can read more about that in our Saints Row 2 preview.

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