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Celebrate the olden days of videogames

At Fusion '08 event.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Eurogamer Retro editor Chris Wilkins is putting together an event to celebrate the olden days of videogames, and parade around some of the current crop of machines.

It will be called Fusion '08, and be the third time in as many years that Chris Wilkins has organised it. He even once tried calling it "The Retro Ball". Scoff. Implied dancing not so much.

It takes place on the weekend of 19th and 20th July, and tickets will cost GBP 12 each. But, as always, entry fees will go to the Everyman charity that researches Testicular cancer.

Once there, you can get involved in some Xbox 360 tournaments and competitions, and chit-chat to some retro-names from yesteryear: Archer Maclean of International Karate (C64) and Mercury (PSP) fame, and Andy Nuttal of Bullfrog fame.

Console Passion will be there too, apparently, offering you old games and hardware in return for real money and not gold coins like we have in the treasure chest on our desk.

Blitz Games has helpfully stepped up to sponsor proceedings, and boss Philip Oliver should be sauntering around in case you have some questions you eagerly need to ask him.

Other well-known faces will be revealed on the Fusion '08 website, where you can read up on all the information about the show.

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