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Bungie excited about Jackson project

Will be lending a little hand.

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Bungie has said it's ever so excited to see what Peter Jackson can make of its Halo universe.

The developer was responding to Microsoft job adverts for the project that appeared last week, and offered assurances it will still be involved with the brand in many ways.

"In a nutshell, Microsoft is building a development team to work on future Halo game titles - the first one being collaboration with Peter Jackson," said Frank O'Connor, staff writer at Bungie.

"Just like the upcoming Halo Wars from Ensemble, this isn't 'our' game. However, having worked with him already, we are possibly more excited than you are to see what someone of Peter Jackson's imagination, talent and resources can bring to a Halo game experience.

"Bungie will, however, continue to remain very much involved in multiple aspects the Halo Universe as part of our ongoing relationship with Microsoft," added O'Connor.

Bungie will be bouncing back with a few games of its own, too. We should see the first fruits of its efforts very soon.

"Meanwhile, we're damn busy ourselves with a variety of projects under way within the studio including one that you'll be hearing more about in the very near future. Now that we control our own destiny we also have other longer term, top secret plans afoot. The wait for that may be a tad longer though," said O'Connor.

However, there continues to be no real word on what hairy Hollywood director Peter Jackson is actually making for Microsoft. All we know so far is that it may be episodic.

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