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Opoona coming to Europe in July

Wii-exclusive Koei RPG.

Koei has plans to release Opoona across Europe on 25th July.

This is the Wii-exclusive role-playing game where you control a little Humpty Dumpty-like chap who loses his family and has to travel around his space world to find them.

But first you will need a job and a permit to fly to different planets. These are restricted to a detective, idol or rescuer in the beginning, but open up as you go.

Your little hero - called Opoona, incidentally - also has a floating ball above his head that forms the basis of the battle system. You fling it at enemies, you see, and the skill comes in trying to bounce it between multiple foes.

ArtePiazza is the developer behind Opoona, and is known best for its Dragon Quest artwork as well as upcoming Dragon Quest DS ports. It's panache with an artbrush is on show here, with the action presented in an affectionate cel-shaded style.

Opoona was released in the US last month and has had middle of the road scores. You can expect our thoughts on it very soon indeed.

Meanwhile, pop over to our Opoona gamepage for some videos and screenshots.

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