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Lost Odyssey content on Live

Dream, ring, lamp.

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Microsoft has popped some Lost Odyssey downloadable content onto Xbox Live.

It's a Triple Bonus Pack that will set you back 200 Points (GBP 1.70 / EUR 2.40), and brings with it a fresh equipment in the shape of a ring, as well as a new dream and a memory lamp to re-view old dreams with.

The ring, Killer Machine, has a trio of level three enhancements that work best against magic-weapon-wielding baddies.

The dream, Shattered Bond, is triggered when you pick up an antique and have it in your possession when you visit the demolished bridge in front of Castle Uhra. You must have collected all the characters for this to work.

Not the secret underground research facility content that Japan was treated to earlier this month, then.

Still, nice nonetheless.

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