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Lost Odyssey to become a series?

Microsoft Japan suggests so.

Microsoft could be planning to expand role-playing game Lost Odyssey into a series.

Word comes by way of the Japanese head of Xbox 360, who told regional media giant Nikkei (spotted by All RPG) that "the series" will continue grow as time went on.

He believes this will more than make up for rather disappointing sales of the title so far - the current figure stands at 100,000.

Lost Odyssey was created by Mistwalker, the Japanese studio established by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. Mistwalker was also responsible for Blue Dragon.

While it would make sense for Microsoft to build its own role-playing series - particularly to bolster sales in Japan - it's worth remembering things can get lost in translation.

Microsoft UK was unavailable for clarification, although our amazing crystal ball tells us to expect "no comment on rumour or speculation".

Lost Odyssey is due out this Friday in Europe and has already received a warm reception from Eurogamer.

Pop over to our Lost Odyssey review to find out more.

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