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Pre-order Lost Odyssey and get MS Points

A thousand of them, no less.

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HMV is offering 1000 Microsoft Points to anyone pre-ordering Lost Odyssey before its release on Friday.

That adds up to GBP 8.50 / EUR 10.20, and it's nearly enough to download an old Xbox Original like Psychonauts.

The full HMV price is GBP 39.99. Elsewhere GAME is selling it for GBP 39.99, Play is offering it for GBP 37.99, Gameplay for GBP 37.99 and Amazon is the cheapest at GBP 32.99. All without added incentives.

On that evidence, the best value for money is the HMV deal. Mind you, you might already have a Play-Asia English copy that went on sale at the beginning of the month for USD 49.90 (GBP 25.33).

Enough of the numbers; Lost Odyssey is a traditional Japanese role-playing game from the makers of Blue Dragon. But it is much better.

The content is more adult, and some of the dreams immortal amnesiac protagonist Kaim Argonar recalls are wonderfully morose.

Touches of excellence, then, but often disrupted by archaic mechanics such as random battles.

Find out more in our Lost Odyssey review.

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