FeatureDouble Fine's Tim Schafer

On Psychonauts, motion control and more.

FeatureDouble Fine's Tim Schafer

On fans, funnies and roadie love.


For the love of God, just buy it.


"So this is it. The strapline." "It looks like a half-arsed reference." "A *mental* half-arsed reference."

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Psychonauts 2 test gameplay features a familiar location

Our latest look at in-development platformer Psychonauts 2 has revealed a familiar-looking location.

Double Fine's crowdfunded sequel isn't due for release until the far-off future of 2018, but is already looking lovely.

At least, its shiny new 3D engine is certainly impressive, and to show it off Double Fine has recreated the classic camp location from Psychonauts 1.

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Psychonauts 2 is really real, launches a crowdfunding campaign

FeaturePsychonauts 2 is really real, launches a crowdfunding campaign

Tim Schafer insists it will be "a scope similar to the first game".

Double Fine's debut 2005 adventure Psychonauts is a game about dreams. On the surface, it's about actual dreams as your pre-pubescent psychic commander Raz hops inside the subconscious of others like a benevolent Freddy Kruger, but it also represents a dream for fans. Psychonauts may have been a critical darling upon its release a decade ago (it even snagged Eurogamer's highly coveted Game of the Year Award), but it failed to sell very well and any hopes to see a sequel were almost immediately stamped out.

Back in 2012 Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson offered to front $13m, the cost of the first game, to Double Fine in order to fund a sequel. This ended up not happening, mostly because Notch made this offer the day before Double Fine was to launch its now famous Kickstarter campaign for Broken Age (then codenamed Double Fine Adventure). What began as an experiment to fund a tiny flash game suddenly raised $3.3m, leading to a project that would consume Double Fine founder and Psychonauts creator Tim Schafer for the better part of three years. Needless to say, Psychonauts 2 was put on the backburner.

But now Broken Age is out and Double Fine has outlined an opportunity to fund this sequel many grew convinced simply wasn't possible.

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Psychonauts, Stacking, and Costume Quest to see retail release

After Double Fine regains publishing rights.

Double Fine's downloadable adventures Stacking and Costume Quest may have been published by the now defunct THQ, but the boutique developer has just regained their publishing and distribution rights. Better yet, it's partnered with Nordic Games to release retail versions of Stacking, Costume Quest and Eurogamer's 2005 Game of the Year, Psychonauts, for PC and Mac in 2014.

Humble Indie Bundle 5 breaks records

Latest pack raises $5.1 million from 600,000 downloads.

The fifth Humble Indie Bundle has proven to be the most successful release in the series to date, organisers have announced.

FeatureThe Cult of Psychonauts

Schafer and Notch on the appeal of the eccentric platforming classic, and the possibility of a sequel.

Longevity is a rare commodity in the gaming business. A title comes out, it takes up a two-month residency on a store's chart rack or splash page - if it's lucky - and is then put out to pasture in the used section. To the casual consumer, it's often easy to forget a game ever existed within six months of its launch.

FeatureThe Kickstarter Conundrum

Double Fine's success story could be one that's unlikely to be repeated.

"It seems like this little project could have an impact beyond itself". So said Tim Schafer's understandably shell-shocked post on Double Fine's Kickstarter page as the money pledged towards the studio's crowd sourced adventure game sailed past its $400,000 target in less than eight hours.

Double Fine details Iron Brigade DLC

Double Fine details Iron Brigade DLC

Still no word on European launch.

Double Fine's Xbox Live Arcade tower defence title Iron Brigade (formerly known as Trenched) will receive a new horde mode in a forthcoming DLC update.

The upcoming expansion is called Rise of the Martian Bear, Kotaku reports. Release date and pricing information is yet to be revealed.

Double Fine's latest title is still awaiting release in Europe after trademark issues forced the game to be delayed and re-named.

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Surprise Psychonauts update announced

Surprise Psychonauts update announced

Achievements, Mac version, iOS app, more.

A substantial update for the PC version of Double Fine's adventure classic Psychonauts has dropped in from out of nowhere.

The developer today announced that Steam users can download a patch that adds in achievements, cloud saves and modifications that make the game's infamously tricky Meat Circus section a little easy to manage.

On top of that, awesome-sounding private investment outfit Dracogen Strategic Investments has stepped up to help fund a Mac version of the game, available now on Steam and the Mac App Store.

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FeatureDouble Fine's Tim Schafer

On Psychonauts, motion control and more.

Tomorrow, Double Fine Productions CEO Tim Schafer will deliver a keynote presentation to the Develop Conference in Brighton. He's set to discuss the studio's ten year anniversary, presumably with reference to hit titles Psychonauts and Brutal Legends.

Tim Schafer is 20 years old or something!

Designer celebrates getting job etc.

We missed this the other day, but we wouldn't want you to miss it too - Double Fine's Tim Schafer has celebrated his 20th anniversary of getting into the games industry by posting up some rejection letters and reminiscing about getting a job at LucasFilm.

FeatureDouble Fine's Tim Schafer

On fans, funnies and roadie love.

Eurogamer is standing in a dark dungeon of a room in a ridiculous ark-shaped building in west London. Cloth flames flicker melodramatically in the corner, and a bearded man is wiggling a fake skull behind our head. That would be Tim Schafer, he of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango immortality.

Schafer: Fans worry too much about sales

Schafer: Fans worry too much about sales

Publishers like good games, apparently.

Psychonauts developer Tim Schafer reckons we all worry too much about the sales of videogames, while publishers actually put a lot of stock in a game's quality and critical reception.

"Fans worry too much about sales, to tell you the truth," he told MTV. "As long as you make a cool game, publishers want to talk to you... [They say] 'We liked Psychonauts and we think we could have sold it better'."

Mind you, half the cast of The Apprentice could have sold Psychonauts better, since it was relentlessly funny and ingenious. Check out our original review to remind yourself why.

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Double Fine Christmas compo

Win unknown treasures!

A little while ago, our excellent friends at Double Fine ran a Halloween competition, and many of you asked us if we were going to highlight it using our esteemed organ. We thought about it, but obviously we completely ignored you, because no one likes a suck-up. However, when our boss walked in this morning and mentioned that Double Fine is running a Christmas competition and that some of the entries are "amazing", we knew we had to act.

FeatureXbox Originals

11th Feb update: Black, Ninja Gaiden, Pirates!

In December 2007, Microsoft launched the Xbox Originals platform. Part of Xbox Live Marketplace, it allows you to download Xbox 1 games for 1200 Microsoft Points (GBP 10.20 / EUR 12.00) apiece, with the likes of Halo, Psychonauts and Fahrenheit among the launch titles.

Psychonauts to return?

Double Fine starts rumours.

Tim Schafer and his talented Double Fine Productions have popped a fresh listing on their website for a new Psychonauts game.

Psychonauts to get BC update

Psychonauts to get BC update

Will be playable on Xbox 360.

Just last week, you may recall, Psychonauts developer Double Fine was in the news complaining about the fact that you still can't play the Xbox version of the game on the Xbox 360.

But the good news is that you will be able to soon - at least, that's according to one Alan Stuart, who claims to be an official Xbox 360 "Emulation Ninja".

In a post on the IGN forum, Stuart wrote: "I actually, really, truly am one of the developers on the backwards compatibility team. No foolin'.

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Want Psychonauts on Xbox 360?

Double Fine does.

Turns out we're not the only ones who want Psychonauts to work on Xbox 360 as well as Xbox - excellent-game developer Double Fine Productions wants you to email Microsoft pretending to be dying children so they'll sort it out.



For the love of God, just buy it.

Our giddy love of Psychonauts probably says as much about the dreadfully po-faced nature of most videogames as it does about the relative merits of Double Fine's cult classic. It's hard to think of too many other games that have ever inspired such heart-warming bursts of pure fun merely from the quality of the writing alone. It's as if critics the world over exploded in a righteous froth at the undiluted joy of being released from the harrowing shackles of reviewing intolerably beardy World War II/Sci-fi/stealth/D&D epics and actually allowed to play something that made them laugh. When you spend most of the year with a knitted brow saving the world from insane megalomaniacs, the chance to, um, save the world from an insanely funny megalomaniac has a disproportionate allure. Especially once you realise that 'Sir' Tim Schafer's one of the men behind it.

But then you tell people it's a platform game, await the inevitable emission of a hundred thousand audible 'harrumphs' and prepare to string together your most convincing argument ever. You'll insist (without hesitation) that it's damn near the funniest game ever, that it's got more invention on a single level than most games have in their entirety, and with justification compare it to the best animation movies you've seen. Eventually, you'll even begin to reel off obscure anecdotes about those infinitely hilarious bits that you'll probably miss the first time around, exchange utterly hilarious quotes and wallow in the stand out genius of The Milkman Conspiracy. The warm afterglow of Psychonauts completion is best enjoyed accompanied by a fat cigar, silk sheets and attentive, impossibly attractive slaves. And grapes. And other people who've played the game. In the quotability stakes, it's the videogaming equivalent of Spinal Tap, or Withnail and I.

Fathers for justice

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Psychonauts in Europe! Yay!

THQ to distribute.

THQ has signed a distribution agreement with Majesco that will see it release 14 of the US publisher's titles in Europe and other PAL regions over a two-year period. No financial details were disclosed.



"So this is it. The strapline." "It looks like a half-arsed reference." "A *mental* half-arsed reference."

People keep saying to us: "Ooh, I like the sound of Psychonauts, but I wish it wasn't a platform game." But more on that later.

There's a bit in Psychonauts that, for us, captures the spirit of the game in a single exchange. It takes place after a few hours and a pivotal plot event, and - modified a bit to save spoiling it - starts something like this: "Are you ready to join me?" With an option of two responses. "Yes" or "No, not yet"

Playing through this, our gamer senses kicked in. Gosh, we thought, what if this is a significant breaking point, and we'll lose access to all that's come before? Maybe it's asking us because it knows we might need more time? Maybe we should save first, and then agree. Mmm. "No, not yet."

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Psychonauts in Europe!

Slowee Majesco-ee!

Psychonauts, a game for whose form we are very much warm, is coming to Europe after all and will be coming out on Xbox, PS2 and PC as it has-slash-is in Americaland, according to Majesco's Europe MD Jason Dutton.