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Bay calls Boll "a f***ing idiot"

We're not sure this is relevant any more.

Michael Bay has dodged videogame film director Uwe Boll's boxing match challenge but has thrown yet more Internet punches in an ongoing slanging match that threatens to turn boring any second, if it hasn't already.

"Can we stop talking about this guy! I never even heard his name till last week when he made threats and rants. The guy is a f***ing idiot, making threats to me, Clooney, Eli Roth, says he has a doctorate - but uses the word "retard" in his vocabulary, come on," Bay wrote in the Ask Michael Bay section of his website.

He then went on to point out that Boll filmed his YouTube message asking for a fight in a "low rent offices, with 15 year old 3/4 machines, archaic computers" and said Boll was "some dumb chump trying to get some fame when he has none".

"Nothing sadder [than] when he had his screening in LA to an over half empty movie house," Bay added, before signing off by asking us all to drop the subject. Unless Boll does something spectacular in response, we probably will.