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Boll challenges Bay to boxing match

"He sucks big-time."

Videogame film maker Uwe Boll has responded to Michael Bay's claim that he's a "sad being" who is "screaming because he is not being heard" by challenging him to a boxing match.

In a message to Bay posted on YouTube, Boll says that he found Bay's comments "very insulting because I care about him" before inviting him to put his fists where his Internet forum posts are by fighting him over 12 rounds "in September or October, pay-per-view, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas".

Boll also said that "with the money [Bay] has for his movies, he sucks big-time".

You can judge for yourself who is the better film-maker by checking out their respective CVs. Boll takes a lot of crap for his work on House of the Dead, BloodRayne and Alone in the Dark, but then Bay is responsible for Bad Boys II and Pearl Harbor.

Please note: we're not saying Michael Bay is responsible for what happened at Pearl Harbor. That would be silly.

Bay is currently working on a sequel to Transformers (oh good) and Boll is promoting a film version of Postal, which is due to launch in the States next month.