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PS Store re-launches here next week

Metal Gear Online beta dated, too.

Sony has confirmed that the redesigned PlayStation Store will go live in Europe on 15th April, alongside firmware update version 2.30.

It also revealed the European Metal Gear Online beta test will be available on the Store from 17th April.

That date will also see releases of Warhawk expansion Broken Mirror, as well as Diabolical Dragons and Skyguard Upgrade packs for Lair.

The redesigned Store is no longer web-based and so will be faster and flashier. It has also been jumbled around so it is presented in a much clearer and sensible way.

You can watch a walkthrough of these changes in a video released yesterday.

Metal Gear Online is a separate, competitive online game that will be released alongside Metal Gear Solid 4 on 12th June. Pop over to our first impressions of Metal Gear Online to find out more.

Warhawk Operation: Broken Mirror adds a bunch of fresh maps to the fray as well as a vehicle to ferry troops around in.

We have no idea what is in the Lair packs, but Sony says there will be "exciting features and functions", which will hopefully make the original and rather dismal game a bit more fun.

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