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Factor 5's cancelled Sony exclusive detailed

Rogue Squadron/Lair dev was working on Animal Wars.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Rogue Squadron and Lair developer Factor 5 was working on a Sony exclusive multiplayer combat title called Animal Wars, according to a former staffer.

A piece of concept art from the mystery game, which sports a Sony copyright symbol, appeared on NeoGAF over the weekend.

Another poster, who used to work at the studio, then offered up a little information on the cancelled title.

Apparently the image is "from a game called 'animal wars' that was a ww2 themed game that played like warhawk but war between animals. It was f****** amazing looking and was way better than Lair so it made all of us sad it got cancelled."

An additional leaked image in the same NeoGAF thread appeared to show concept art for a new Turrican game.

Factor 5's US arm closed down in 2009. While its German HQ is still open it hasn't released a title - or unannounced development on a new project - since PlayStation 3 flop Lair limped onto shelves in 2007.

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