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Just the one DLC pack for Lair

Plus a title update, explains Sony.

Sony has explained to Eurogamer that Lair will only be getting one downloadable content pack this Thursday.

It had previously said there would be two packs (one paid-for, one free), but the second is actually a title update that will be applied when you run the game while online.

When you do, you will get the option to use analog controls, a targeting reticule, vibration support, PSP remote play support, 180/dash controls mapped to buttons. In addition the client-side leaderboard will get fixed.

The Diabolical Dragons Pack, on the other hand, adds a Poison Dragon and Wind Dragon to the mix. The former is big, strong, and slow, while the latter is small, fast, and fiddly. There are also some fresh music tracks in the concert hall.

However, there is still no word on how much it will all cost.

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