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Sony back in PSN Thursday routine

Adds MGO beta, Warhawk expansion, more.

Sony has decorated its freshly relaunched PlayStation Store with the Metal Gear Online beta client, the Broken Mirror expansion for Warhawk, and a Deadly Dragons pack for Lair, marking a return to its usual schedule of Thursday updates.

There's also an "Everyone's a Rat" Grand Theft Auto IV trailer, which you can see over on Eurogamer TV right now if you can't be bothered to go home and download it.

All of these are free apart, from the Warhawk expansion, which costs GBP 3.99.

Remember, the Metal Gear Online beta doesn't start until Monday; the Lair content is accompanied by a title update adding analog controls; and Broken Mirror has several fresh maps and an armoured vehicle to ferry troops around in.

The PlayStation Store was recently refurbished to be quicker and easier to navigate, with the fresh look released on Tuesday along with some bits and pieces of content.

Some of you have since complained that it is actually slower than it used to be, but Sony assured everyone this was only because hordes of you were rushing to use it.