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Sony explains PSN Store niggles

Due to "high global traffic levels".

Sony has said that the slow speeds of thumbnail graphic downloads on the new PlayStation Store are down to demand.

"We are aware that many of you have experienced delays whilst the PS Store's thumbnail icons are being downloaded," community team leader Lestrade wrote on the official PS3 forum.

"This is a temporary consequence of a new system implementation and high global traffic levels, and will be resolved within the next few days."

The redesigned store launched yesterday and no longer runs in the console's web browser. You will need firmware 2.30 to access it, so head off to that System Update screen and put the kettle on.

In addition to the fancy new Store, this week will also bring with it the Metal Gear Online beta, which goes live tomorrow, a new Warhawk expansion and a patch for Lair that adds analogue controls.