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Factor 5 surprised by Lair reception

Might have a way to win you back.

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Factor 5 boss Julian Eggebrecht has said he was surprised by the negative reaction to Lair from the hardcore audience.

However, he realises the control system turned a lot of you away, despite - he feels - there being a really good game underneath it all.

"What's disappointing to me is that almost every single person in and outside of the industry who is little bit more of a hardcore gamer had a huge problem with it, and we, quite frankly, didn't anticipate that," Julian Eggebrecht told IGN.

"I hope that a lot of people realise that underlying the problem they had with the base control was a really good game. At least, that's what I think. Well, what else would I say?"

But it seems the Rogue Squadron developer is not finished with the dragon fighting game just yet, as Eggebrecht suggested he was working on a way to win back the hearts of the PS3 crowd.

"We might have a chance yet to bring those [gamers] back to the table and, hopefully, if that should happen, they would give the game a second chance," continued Eggebrecht.

"Nevertheless, we definitely took a long look at the results and learned a couple of lessons. If you're on a platform where this whole motion control is something new and not being pitched as the main feature of the platform, you should probably give the choice between having different control schemes. There is absolutely no doubt about it."

Keep your eyes out for a patch or perhaps an expansion in the near future, then.

Lair is an action game where you fly around on a dragon and kill other dragons and fly around some more and kill more dragons. Sounds tedious, and it was.

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