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Sony unveils fresh Lair DLC

Analog dragons for next week.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony Europe has shed more light on the freshly announced Diabolical Dragons and Skyguard Update packs for Lair.

Both will be available on 17th April, with the former said to be paid for and the latter a title update - pricing yet to be determined.

Diabolical Dragons will add two fresh scaly beasts to fly around the sky on. The first of these is a Poison Dragon, which is apparently one of the biggest and baddest around. Its chunkiness makes it a bit slow, but it has very fiery breath to roast things with.

Or you can pick the rather wimpy Wind Dragon. This is very fast and agile, but difficult to control.

The choice is yours: an angry sloth or a pidgeon.

The Skyguard Upgrade, on the other hand, adds the much sought-after analog control system to the game. This can be turned on or off and maps controls to the left thumbstick or nub if you are remote playing on your PSP. There is also a crosshair option you can turn on or off.

Hopefully this should make Lair a much more enjoyable experience than it was at launch.

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