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Final Fantasy IV for DS this summer

Loads of new features.

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Not content with coming up with the longest game name on record (or at least our record, which we started today), Square Enix has dispatched news that Final Fantasy IV for DS will be released in Europe this summer.

FFIV is another golden RPG oldie from the days of Tony Cottee and the Berlin Wall, and sees the noble Lord Captain of Baron's Red Wings, Cecil, demoted by his Elemental Crystal-loving king and sent off to fight a mysterious beast in the Valley of Mist. Typical.

It was the first FF to introduce the Active Time Battle system - the one where you wait for a bar to fill before making your move - and is reborn on DS with fancy 3D graphics, voice-acted cut-scenes, remixed music, touch-screen controls and more.

...Like the use of both screens, and a dungeon mapping system, and a mini-game where you nurture Summon monsters and then fight your friends' via Wi-Fi. We do like those things.

Find out how much in our review of the DS FFIV nearer its summer release, and in the meantime check out some screenshots.

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