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Final Fantasy IV on DS in September

Significantly remade for your palm.

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Square Enix is preparing the DS remake of Final Fantasy IV for release on 5th September.

It comes with repainted 3D graphics and fully-voiced cut-scenes, plus a rearranged score and additional content that lets you explore the previously unseen lives of the main characters.

Platform-specific features include dual-screen layout and touch-screen controls, obviously, and Square has cobbled together a monster summon battle game for wireless multiplayer.

Final Fantasy IV tells the story of disgraced dark knight Cecil, who is cast out by his king and sent to slay a mysterious beast; a trial that will touch on all of the areas you might expect from a good soap opera: heroes, betrayal, redemption, love, magic, pint of milk and a fight at the chippy.

Head over to our Final Fantasy IV gamepage to find out more.

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