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SNES classic revamped.

Square Enix revealed at last weekend's 2007 party in Japan that it would be resurrecting Final Fantasy IV for DS.

It'll be handled by the same team that brought FFIII to life on the handheld, once again boasting fresh cut-scenes, better graphics and redesigned monsters. The characters will also get an overhaul, recreated as taller sprites allowing greater detail to be added.

Developer MATRIX is keen to expand and deepen the storyline, but also promises that it will keep the feel and authenticity of the 1991 original.

No date has been set for the game. But keep an eye on the Japanese website for any more shreds of information.

Final Fantasy III was released on DS at the beginning of the month to an average reception. It was probably the best looking game we've seen on the handheld to date, but underneath was gameplay from 16 years-ago that's since been vastly improved upon. Catch-22, you might say.

Pop over to our Final Fantasy III review for more information.

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