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New Silent Hill this September

Now known as Homecoming.

Konami has said Silent Hill: Homecoming will be released in Europe this September.

That's the new name for Silent Hill V in case you didn't know, and you should because we just told you. It's also the sixth instalment in the series, which is confusing.

Homecoming follows Alex Shepherd around as he ventures to Silent Hill in search of his missing brother. Everything soon goes a bit pear-shaped and Alex has to unravel his nightmares to solve the mystery and save the day.

This is the first of the Silent Hill series to appear on the new consoles, so it's boasting terrifyingly real graphics and an eerie soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka.

We're also promised a fresh combat system that has counters and an assortment of attacks.

Pop over to our Silent Hill: Homecoming gamepage for the first shots and trailers.