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Avary doing Silent Hill 2 film?

Pulp Fiction writer to try again.

Roger Avary may return to write the Silent Hill film sequel after all, according to comments made by renowned novelist Bret Easton Ellis.

"He's going to be shooting Silent Hill 2," said Ellis, when asked by The Cult whether Avary will adapt and direct his Glamorama novel. This, however, may simply be speculation, although Ellis claims to have been out to dinner with Avary recently.

Avary wrote the screenplay for the first Silent Hill film, which was critically panned back in 2006.

Silent Hill director Christophe Gans confirmed the existence of a sequel in early 2007, claiming Avary was once more onboard.

Avary, however, publicly denied wanting anything to do with the project after hearing that Christophe Gans was too wrapped up directing another project to get heavily involved.

Avary's website and Twitter make no mention of his involvement in a Silent Hill 2 project, either. It's eerily quiet.