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New Silent Hill pushed back to February

Europeans play familiar waiting game.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Konami has told Eurogamer that Silent Hill: Homecoming has been pushed back to February 2009 in Europe.

The spooky PC, 360 and PS3 game was expected at the end of the month, on Halloween. No reason was given for the delay, and the publisher was reluctant to discuss the matter further.

We suspect regional localisation issues are to blame. Or, perhaps, Konami simply wanted out of a busy release period. Maybe the extra time will even be used to address a few issues.

Silent Hill: Homecoming was released in the US at the end of September and has earned decent critical applause - resulting in a Metacritic average of 73 per cent.

Homecoming is the sixth instalment in the long-running and successful Silent Hill series (Silent Hill: Origins on PSP being the fifth). Team Silent, however, no longer has a hand in the games, having backed out after Silent Hill 4.

Head over to our Silent Hill: Homecoming gamepage for all the information to date.

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