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Developer confident about new Silent Hill

Reckons it'll be "at least as compelling".

Developer Double Helix believes Silent Hill: Homecoming will be "at least as compelling as some of the previous games" in the spooky series, despite being the studio's first attempt at the IP.

The survival-horror game has already launched in the US to solid critical applause. And lead designer Jason Allen hinted this may be a result of Konami "stipulating" that Double Helix stick to the formula, and not be allowed too much creative room to manoeuvre.

"I firmly believe we've shown the fans that we can craft a Silent Hill experience that's at least as compelling as some of the previous games, and especially given this is our first outing, I feel we've made a great product we are all proud of," Jason Allen told MTV Multiplayer.

"As a new developer for the series it was important that we demonstrate we understood those unique qualities of a Silent Hill game before potentially breaking free of conventions and creating something new. Konami stipulated that we must preserve the essence of Silent Hill whilst modernising certain features."

Whilst proud of Homecoming, Allen believes that, given another chance, Double Helix would turn out a "true representation of just how much talent we have".

"The whole team learned so much during the development of Homecoming that we can easily see areas that we'd like to improve upon. To refine the Silent Hill recipe - as it were," he said.

"...We want to capitalise on the experience and turn out something even more spectacular - a true benchmark for the genre."

Silent Hill: Homecoming is due for release across Europe in February 2009. So we, being impatient, have decided to import a copy to review. We'll bring you our verdict as soon as possible.

Until then, head over to our Silent Hill: Homecoming gamepage to find out more.