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Street Fighter film blog resurrected

Chun Li and Cantana getting cosy.

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The blog for upcoming film Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li is back on its feet after being knocked over by too much Internet attention yesterday.

On it is bags of useful information such as pictures of the cast including Kristin Kreuk, who plays Chun Li. [Bring back Edgemont - Dep Ed.]

There's also that storyboard of Chun Li outpacing a volley of bullets in her three-quarter-length trousers.

Also of note is that Michael Clarke Duncan - the big chap who heals a mouse in The Green Mile - does his own stunts, and has spent the first week apparently doing what he does best: "smashing sh** up and having a flippin' blast doing it. "

Apparently Kristin Kreuk and Josie Ho (as Cantana) have been getting a little "too close for comfort" as well, in a "scene that's sure to capture the, um, affections of all you male fans". [Scissors then? - Dep Ed.]

Pop over to the SF movie blog to keep up to date.

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