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That's "Get Well Soon" in old money.

Once in a while, we all get a bit drunk and say something inappropriate.

It used to be that this only came back to haunt us when we said that inappropriate something via text message to a gitrl ew relly liek and we shudl get a drnk sometiem. But nowadays, thanks to the miracle of the internet, we can say it to potentially thousands of people at once.

Now, there's no suggestion that OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter was drunk when he told his followers on Twitter that former employee Shay Pierce was "the weakest one on the whole team", "selfish" and one of a "number of failures who try to ride on your back" - indeed his comments had the lucidity of immaculate sobriety - but it would have made more sense if he were. Otherwise he was just making very rude, ill-judged comments in public.

We know plenty about that too, of course, so that's one of the subjects that we get into on this week's Podcast - 'we' being myself, Wesley Yin-Poole and Tom Phillips.

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We also talk about GAME tumultuous last 10 days - condemned to administration and mass layoffs last Monday, it was bought out over the weekend by OpCapita, the investment group that also owns once-struggling UK electronics retailer Comet, and hopefully now has a brighter future.

We talk about what new CEO Martyn Gibbs will be doing now things are on the up again, and we ask whether this is just a temporary solution to the longer-term problem that specialists can't compete on price with the big supermarkets and online retailers.

Finally, we talk a bit about Capcom's Yoshinori Ono, who has stepped away from the publisher's fighting game output after a recent health scare. We're interested in what this might mean for series like Street Fighter, but really we just wanted an excuse to wish the man well. He's a wonderful ambassador for a genre that he resurrected at seemingly great personal cost, and we hope we haven't seen the last of his energetic performance at press conferences and in interviews.

Regular podcast host Tom Champion is also away next week (dunno why - maybe he's downloaded some new Tropico DLC), but we'll be getting stuck into some more gaming discussion at the same time then, potentially even including stuff we've played. Look out for that - we know your week wouldn't be the same without the parcast, which can be interpreted however you like.

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