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"It's in the packet" - Robot Chicken does Street Fighter

"No-one told me I'd be fighting with all sushi rolls hanging out."

Robot Chicken has done Street Fighter.

The stop-motion animated comedy, known for its pop culture parodies, has tried its hand at the world's most famous fighting game, and poor old Ryu is losing his mind.

He's trying to organise the World's Greatest Warriors: Sagat, Guile, Ken, M. Bison and all the rest, into a fighting tournament, but they're just not following his easy to understand instructions.

Take Guile, for example. He's upset he has to fight Japanese sumo star E. Honda in a bathhouse with "sushi rolls hanging out" everywhere.

It's all in the packet. Ryu spent weeks putting it together. Don't they understand?

Thanks, Shoryuken!

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