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EA and Hasbro get it on

Nerf, Pet Shop, Monopoly, Scrabble.

EA and Hasbro, sitting in a tree, making games about recognisable properties for Nintendo formats.

The megapublisher's Salt Lake Studio is handling development of two games - Littlest Pet Shop for Wii, DS and PC, and Nerf "N-Strike" for Wii and DS. Both games are due out in the autumn.

According to EA, Littlest Pet Shop is about running a pet shop and unlocking pets, playsets, accessories "and more" as you navigate three unique environments. Blah blah blah magical moments Ellie reviewing etc.

Nerf, meanwhile, claims to be "the first Nerf blaster action game" (what about that Unreal engine one from yonks ago? Nerf Arena Blast?), where "players can wreak havoc and perfect their blasting skills or challenge friends to clashes with both single and multi-player game modes".

EA says it's also doing Monopoly and Scrabble titles for multiple platforms, as well as other titles to be announced later this year, and has released a raft of mobile games you don't care about.