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Interplay announces Kingpin, Fallout, Airborne and Exalted sequels

The publisher's quarterly financial call sheds light on upcoming products.

Interplay's quarterly conference call for investors and analysts has shed some light on the company's product pipeline for 2004, including a return to the Kingpin franchise and new titles in the Fallout, Airborne and Exalted camps.

Speaking just after the company posted its financials, chairman and CEO Herve Caen said "the company is focused on delivering a flawless execution of future games in the worlds of Kingpin, Exalted, Fallout, Dark Alliance and others," telling investors that Interplay would solidify its position as a leading RPG publisher and that "[Interplay's] primary focus will be on consoles without giving up on the PC market."

"Today I am pleased to announce our plans to also release a new Kingpin title," he told investors. The game will ship on PC and Xbox platforms, although Caen made no mention of a developer or potential release date. The original Kingpin - a bad-mouthed gangster FPS released in 1999 - was developed by Xatrix Entertainment, whose other credits include a Quake 2 expansion pack. Xatrix subsequently became Gray Matter Studios and produced Return To Castle Wolfenstein, and is currently at work on Call Of Duty: United Offensive for rival publisher Activision.

A slideshow accompanying the conference call also pointed to a new casino game (PS2, Xbox, PC) to capitalise on sales of Interplay's Caesar's Palace title, a new PS2 Airborne title, and an "Action RPG in the world of Fallout" for PS2 and Xbox - no doubt a similar title to the derided Fallout: Brotherhood Of Steel, which appeared on the same formats just recently.

Interplay will likely show a number of these titles at E3 next month, when we'll be on hand to bring you concrete details. For a more financially oriented look at Interplay's quarterly results, please refer to our sister site GamesIndustry.biz.

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