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Harrison proud of Alone in the Dark

Welcomes support from Internet.

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Infogrames Directeur Général Délégué Phil Harrison has identified the Internet response to Alone in the Dark as a reason to be excited about it.

"I think we have everything to be proud of about this title. In fact, it was on the Eurogamer forum that I was reading so much fan commentary," he said last week in an interview with, "and there was a very extensive and actually very complimentary preview."

"There were pages and pages of very passionate and loyal support from the fans, and as I well know the site is pretty opinionated - and there's nothing wrong with that...well, unless you're on the receiving end which I have been on a few occasions..."

Later Harrison spoke about how he and his fellow Infogrames/Atari executive David Gardner had considered working together before, offering a rare insight into what it's like being a top executive:

"I tell you, that was the hardest thing when I was trying to brainstorm this, when I was trying to come up with a brand that we could use worldwide - every time I came up with a new name for a games company, I'd Google it and find that somebody had already taken it," he said.

"So when we were looking at what we'd need to create a successful company, and then we evaluated what Infogrames has, it ticked all the boxes."

Head over to for the full interview. As for that Alone in the Dark preview, you can read that elsewhere on the site.

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