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GTA IV Social Club launches

Keep track of crime stats.

Rockstar has finally launched the Social Club for Grand Theft Auto IV.

Once you've linked in your Gamertag or PSN ID, you can check out the various features, including reports on the cumulative amount of police activity in the world, and your progress towards various goals.

The LCPD Police Blotter tracks things like the number of worldwide police call-outs, weapons of choice, how many cars were stolen, shows crime hotspots on a heatmap of the city, and when you click on individual totals you can watch canned video from in-game channel CNT. Activity is "up 848,780,099% from previous day", apparently. Nice.

Then there's the Liberty City marathon page, which sets tasks like walk/run 400 miles, drive 4000 miles, get arrested 120 times, etc, before listing current winners. It also shows you your own completion rate for each task.

Other areas available on the Social Club are The Story Gang and The 100% Club - areas that you can only enter if you have finished the story missions and completed 100% of the game - and the Hall of Fame, which shows you who leads the leaderboards for Story Gang and 100% Club based on completion times, and also shows LC Marathon champs.

You can also view your own trophy shelf, which even has a "print shelf" option. Aw.

There are also Multiplayer Leaderboards, although these are not hooked up yet, perhaps because the game's only just come out.

Look out for our expanded impressions of the multiplayer in the next couple of days. We also touched on it in our 10/10 review, having particularly enjoyed GTA Race, Free Mode and Cops 'n Crooks.